Behavioural Health
& Family Services

2wice a Child Wellness & Family Services Inc. (Domestic NonProfit Corporation (82)) strives to provide the following resources for troubled youth and adults to promote stress-free healthy living:
• Counseling and Rehabilitation Services
• Mental & Behavioral Health
• Substance Abuse
• Special Needs Individuals
• Developmental Disability Services

Our Goal & Vision

To lovingly inspire confidence and respect as a provider of outpatient behavioral health & family care services. To be a valued partner in alliances with those who promote the health and quality of life for our community and its members.

Patient Resources

• Social Skills
• Communication Skills
• Time Management
• Parenting Skills
• Transitional Living Skills

Provider Resources

• BST (Basic Skills Trainer)
• PSR (Psychosocial Rehabilitation)
• Therapy & Psychiatrist
• QMHA (Qualified Mental Health Associates)
• Clinical Director

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