Provider Services

  • BST (Basic Skills Trainer) – Provide services to help recipients acquire constructive cognitive & behavioral skills through positive reinforcement.
  • PSR (Psychosocial Rehabilitation) – Services include independent living services, case management, employment related activities.
  • Therapy – Provides a listening ear, allowing recipients to talk and reflect on their feelings and experiences. 
  • QMHA (Qualified Mental Health Associates) – Ability to communicate effectively, understand mental health assessments, and implement skills development strategies.
  • Clinical Director – Primary responsibilities are to oversee the daily operation of the clinical research, health care, and community healthcare programs.
  • Psychiatrist – Qualified medical doctor who specializes in treating mental, behavioral health issues, and diagnosable disorders.

Other Resources

Housing Resources

Food Resources

Teen Services

Medication/Vision services

Employment Support

Financial Planning

Legal Guidance/Child Support

Behavioral Health




Child Abuse or Neglect

Child Behavioral Problems

Family Planning Information

Immigration Information

Rent Assistance, and more

Payments & Billing

2wice A Child Wellness’ Behavioral Health & Family Services are currently taking the following payments:

Medicaid Recipients

* In the near future we will be taking other insurance providers such as Tri-Care, Medicare, and other personal insurance providers. Please check back for updates.

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